7 WordPress Plugins I install on all websites 2024

The plugin list Admin and Site Enhancements (ASE) Classic Editor ManageWP Worker Elementor & Elementor Pro Solid Security (or Security Optimizer from Siteground) Litespeed Cache (or Speed Optimizer from Siteground) ACF or JetEngine White Label CMS

5 Quick Tips to Speed Up WordPress Load Times

Without a doubt, Your website load time is very crucial to its success. It’s no surprise that in the world of WordPress, “how to speed up WordPress” is always a hot topic, as it can greatly impact your website’s chances of success. Having a fast website can lead to significant rewards, such as higher rankings […]

How to add css code with code snippets plugin

You can include code examples in your function php by using the code below. add_action( ‘wp_footer’, function () { ?GREATER THAN LESS THAN style GREATER THAN /* css code here */ LESS THAN style GREATER THAN LESS THAN ?php } );